SDYDC Heritage

A rich heritage of serving the children of this community

SDYDC Programs:
  • Got Fun? Youth Program (1998 through 2006) for children, ages 4 to 12.
    • Weekend Workshops – 2 hours of classroom activities and instruction through music, art and drama.
    • Kids Camp – 3 hours of fun, and more fun, with outside activities focused on sports, games and other special events.
    • Up-Close Program – small group interactions with staff for special needs children – field trips, canoeing, kayaking, surfing, fishing and sports.
  • Rise to Reality (R2R) Program (1996 through 2006) Providing leadership development for Youth, ages 13 to young adults.
    • Activities – concerts, coffee house, music and art development, ice skating, skateboarding, roller blading, snowboarding, rock climbing and volunteer opportunities.
    • Community Services – student mentoring, skateboard team, entomology projects, canned food and toy collections, community concerts, advocacy projects and presentations.
  • Sponsorship & Career Planning Program (began 1996) for students seeking higher education.
    • Assistance with funding for undergraduate degrees and vocational training.
    • Job preparation courses
    • Job placement assistance and internships
  • Life = Fun Kid’s Camp (December 2010 to Dec 2011) for children, ages 5 to 12.
    • Spiritual Support Program – campers learn Biblical principles with direct every-day applications.
    • Recreational/Physical Support Program – campers participate in physical activities including Intramural Sports and other structured physical activities.
    • Enrichment/Social/Emotional Support Program – campers participate in group activities such as music, singing, sharing and field trips.