Our Programs

Free Check-up Clinic
We offer a free check-up clinic once a month, for you to bring in your kids to see our pediatrician and nursing staff. Get consulted on nutrition and healthy practices for you and your family, or get sports and school forms filled out!

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Sunday Fun-Day
Looking for a way to let your kids learn and grow and still have an awesome time?  That is what Sundays with the Kingdom Kids are all about.

Get outside!
This program focuses on showing kids the beauty and majesty of the world around us. It features monthly nature hikes and field trips focusing on the great outdoors, and culminates in an awesome semi-annual camping trip. Sign up today!


Healthy Habits
This program focuses on helping kids build healthy habits to eating and exercise, including helping their families make sure they have access to healthy and sufficient food options. We distribute groceries at events and to families in need.

Free Music Lessons
Did you always wish you could play an instrument? Make that dream a reality for your kids! We offer free intro to music classes, where during an 8 week rotation, kids can learn the fundamentals of guitar, piano, and singing, absolutely free.